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Halloween is a fun festival; it is that time of the year that is awaited by both adult and kids equally. To dress up in special costumes is the highlight of this festival and a lot of people start planning about the costumes to wear long before the festival actually arrives. If you give yourself some time and options, it wouldn’t be a difficult job to find a unique costume idea. One cool costume that is just not unique but also looks superb is Girl Ninja costume. It is seen that mostly ninjas are associated with boys; however, girls can have equal fun dressing up as a ninja.

Although, ninja seem to look self explanatory, the options, as a matter of fact, are pretty elaborate. One ninja that is really cool for girls is Jade ninja. They look very pretty in this costume. Another option is dragon ninja, if your little girl wants something scary. More often than not, ninjas have their faces covered; so, your girl would be in a disguise and no one would be able to figure out who she actually is, unless she herself reveals her identity.  However, if your little girl doesn’t prefer to have her face covered, she can go for karate ninja, where it is not required to cover the face.

Welcome to GirlNinjaCostume.Com, where fighting like a girl is expected! Not all ninjas are guys; girls have enough kick in them, too, to become top rated ninja stealth fighters.  Show off your ninja girl prowess with a girl ninja costume.  We have girl ninja costume options for women, girls, teens, toddler, and even babies!

Ninjas are all alike, right? They dress in all black, they drop down from the ceiling and they slice everything into tiny bits.  Wrong!  Real ninjas have been in business for around seven centuries, and arose in Japan when war required that a special sect of warriors be trained in the arts of assassination and espionage.  Ninjas were not only spies, but they were trained in the arts of assassination.  Techniques and principles for becoming a ninja have remained a constant throughout time, and yes, there have been many, many female ninjas since the first ninjas were trained.  Basic girl ninja costumes are based on the same attire than ninjas have adorned themselves with for hundreds of years.  Typically, ninjas do dress in black so that they can sneak in under the cover of darkness to spy on the enemy or to assassinate a foe.  Their heads and faces are almost completely concealed, other than a swathe opening that allows for the eyes to be seen. This is to conceal the identity of the ninja and to make the ninja blend in to the darkness.

Although a ninja’s body is considered a deadly weapon, your girl ninja costume will look more authentic with some fake weapons being toted along for the ride.  Some faux ninja weapons to consider include spears, china and sickle, throwing blades, throwing stars, nunchuks, stick and staff, swords and so on.

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The accessories that come with Girl Ninja costumes are another great thing that girls love. There are black gloves, Chinese stars, nun chucks and all those different kinds of swords.

Dressing up in a Girl Ninja costume with right accessories can really make Halloween fun for your girl. The costumes for girl ninja are easily available online and you don’t have to even step out to buy them; they would be bought right at your door step.

Accessorizing Your Costume

Accessorizing your Girl Ninja Costume can be as much fun as wearing it. Depending on the type of Ninja you or your little one plan to dress as, there are certain elements that make the Ninja stand out. Many choose to fully disguise their faces while others choose red or other bright colors of eye mask. These tie in the back and have openings for the eyes. You can coordinate the color with your chosen costume. Black gloves are great touch. Ninjas often have well known weapons they carry with them. You might select throwing stars, throwing blades or numchucks. A stick and staff or sword often accompanies the fighting Ninja. Remember to choose variations of weapons that are made of durable plastic and age appropriate for your child.

Measuring for Your Costume

How on earth will you perform those high kicks and killer moves if your girl ninja costume doesn’t fit like it should? Nothing is worse than going for a high kick roundhouse only to find that you can’t lift your leg high enough in your tight costume to pull it off! Don’t let this happen to you. Get the right size when you order by taking your measurements carefully, and ordering based on the appropriate waist, chest, and hips measurements that are listed in the costume’s product details. With the right size costume under your ‘belt’ you’ll be comfortable all night long, despite any foes that you might be pitted against.

Girl ninja costumes are fun and will make you stand apart. There are a range of ninja costumes to make you look like a ninja stealth fighter and showcase your girl power. The pretty and cool jade ninja costume and the scarier dragon ninja costume have to be worn with a mask. The karate ninja does not need one and your little girl will not be in a disguise. They are available in various sizes and you can find one for babies, as well as adults. You can complete your girl ninja look with the help of fake ninja weapons like throwing stars, throwing blades, spears and sickles.

Girl Ninja Halloween Costumes

As a parent, the first most probable thing to cross your mind, when talking about Halloween, would be what costumes to choose for your children. Princess-type costumes are the costumes that are mostly associated with little girls; while for boys, parents look for some more tougher and masculine clothes. However, not all girls want to have a look of tender and delicate princess. There are a lot of little girls out there, who want to have some tougher, fighter look too on Halloween.  When it comes to tougher look, ninja costumes are known worldwide for their versatility. If we look at Ninjas historically, they were those ordinary Japanese people who developed martial art skills so as to survive during the tough times in feudal Japanese history. Thus ninja costumes have a tough look to them.

The ninja costumes are great to bring out the fight-against-wrong spirit in your little girl. Girls would love to show their spunky side in the cool ninja costumes. When it comes to buying one ninja costume set, you have a wide variety of options available in front of you. Go for one which your girl would be able to identify herself with and at the same time would feel comfortable.

Even if you are looking for a group costume for children, ninja costumes are the way to go. Almost all girl ninja costumes can be coupled with another girl or boy ninja costume. The fun and excitement of little friends or siblings wearing ninja costumes in groups would last in their memories for a life time. For an all girls group, dressing up as ninja turtles would make for a grand entrance to any Halloween Party. And if you have a boys and girls group, then dressing up in a Mortal Combat Girl Ninja Costume works well with any given boy ninja costume.

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